Shree Swaminarayan Mandir

What is KARMA?.

The equation of KARMA is like this:

KARMA= What we have done plus what we are doing now plus what we do in future.

There are three kinds of KARMA.

Number one is “ Sanchit Karma- means accumulated actions.


It means Fruit Bearing Action.

And number three is KRIYAMAN KARMA. It means current action.

According to Hindu philosophy “ KARMA” means Action.

There are two types of KARMAS----Good Karma and Bad Karma.

God has created us as human being because we did Good Karma.

Our future depends on what we do now.

Only God can give us MOKSHA. Once we get MOKSHA then we live permanently with GOD in AKSHRDHAM.

Now let us look at the word KARMA. It spells KARMA..

The first letter ‘K’ means ‘KNOW’your karma and know GOD.

The second letter ‘A’ means ‘ACTION’. It can be good or bad.

We get reward accordingly.

The third letter is ‘R’. It means ‘Re-incarnation”. That means our future life.

Our future depends on what we do now.

If we do good KARMA then we achieve ‘AKSHARDHAM’

If we do bad KARMA then we go to HELL and suffer and we have to go through RE-INCARNATION cycle. After 8.4 millions BIRTH and RE-BIRTH we may get birth as human being.

The Fourth letter is ‘M’. It means ‘MOKSHA...

MOKSHA means liberation from Birth and Re-Birth. Only GOD decides to give MOKSHA The last letter is ‘A’. It means AKSHARDHAM.

We are devotees of Swaminarayan Bhagwan and he has promised us his ‘AKSHARDHAM.’

Be Human Being and Do Good KARMA.